Drive dynamic conversation with easy access to content

Responsive Steering

Great conversation isn't talk. It connects. It influences. It produces. Driving that kind of conversation requires precision, agility and the ability to navigate content with confidence. With Allora, your content is easily accessed, smartly displayed and distinctly yours. You control the organization and distribution of information, so you have access to the information you want, when you want it.

Push quick content updates through the cloud

Lightweight Chassis

Road conditions change. Allora answers your need to respond quickly without sacrificing performance. How? It makes updates over-the-air and only to those elements that need changing — even after your content has been deployed to pharma reps in the field. Whether it's a quick headline fix or an update to something more complex like an interactive video — changes are implemented fast. Simply put, Allora lets your brand continue to build traction and stay nimble when — and where — it counts.

Leave your appointment book at home

Better Mileage

Allora provides everything that on-the-go pharmaceutical sales reps need. With embedded appointment views, ad hoc appointment support, call history and more at their fingertips, reps can focus on what matters: driving relationships and building engagement. And, because it seamlessly integrates with the full spectrum of CRM systems, reps can be assured that the valuable insight captured by their conversations is recorded and synched back automatically.

Deliver distinctive brand engagement experiences

Turbocharged Content

With Allora, your content is communicated through engaging, dynamic designs that aren't limited by your CRM platform or sales aid viewer. Since it supports multiple content types and leverages the built-in capabilities of the iPad like the gyroscope, accelerometer and GPS, Allora delivers your pharma marketing material through faster, more exciting transitions. Your sales aid becomes more than a presentation — it becomes memorable, distinctive, interactive brand engagement.