Leverage the full potential of the iPad with any CRM system

Fully Loaded

Allora gives you the luxury of defining and delivering your brand's story — without limits. Just check under the hood. You'll find support for a variety of content types, including HTML5, PDF, MS Word and embedded audio and video. You'll also get the key to an exciting new XML language: Wire. Wire unlocks access to native iOS capabilities like the gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS and more. The best part? You can leverage the full potential of the iPad on any CRM platform you choose.

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Patent-pending invisible sentiment tracking

Stable Handling

Allora handles the road with precise, pretty ease. With Allora's patent-pending invisible sentiment tracking, pharma sales representatives can record a health care professional's opinion without pulling over to take notes. By simply swiping up or down, sentiment is tracked and ready to be synched back to your CRM system. With Allora, sales calls are smoother — perfect for discerning drivers.

Enjoy seamless integration with any CRM platform you choose

Flexible Fuel

When technology is designed to complement human nature, it isn't just elegant — it deepens interactions, it enriches communication, it takes you further. Allora integrates seamlessly with any CRM platform and takes you beyond closed loop marketing to deliver engaging pharmaceutical brand experiences. Your strategy is only limited by your drive.

Control content in the field from the convenience of one device

Fleet ready

From the helm, it quickly becomes apparent how Allora works in concert with you. Everything you need to manage all of your clients and pharma brands from one app naturally falls to hand, giving you convenient, comfortable control. And, thanks to over‑the‑air updates, you can easily edit content on devices that are already in the field.